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Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

Provided by  Open Colleges

Course Overview

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Developed in consultation with the current interior design industry, this is a fresh, new and responsive way to deliver on the demands of the modern environment. This course includes subjects on heritage buildings and incorporating environmentally sustainable materials into your design work.

Numerous projects throughout the course build up your design skills and knowledge. Essential skills like drawing, concepting, research and business skills as well as building your knowledge of materials and ways of working sustainably are also covered in the course.

You will also learn the power of combining technical, creative and conceptual skills to plan and detail commercial residential or heritage building interiors.

The course is designed so that on completion you will have an extensive portfolio of work to show prospective employers and cients.

The Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration is recognised by the Design Institute of Australia (DIA). The DIA is Australia's professional membership body for designers and creative professionals.

Course Quick Look

Awarded By:
Open Colleges
Study Mode:
Maximum 30 months
Nationally Recognised:


Explore and apply the creative design process to 2D forms

  • Source information on 2-dimensional design
  • Explore the creative design process for 2-dimensional forms
  • Communicate concepts or ideas through application of design processes to 2-dimensional forms

Produce technical drawings

  • Prepare for technical drawing work
  • Create technical drawings

Research architectural styles and movements

  • Plan research
  • Conduct research and document findings
  • Maintain currency with architectural styles and movements

Explore and apply the creative design process to 3D forms

  • Source information on 3-dimensional design
  • Explore the creative design process for 3-dimensional forms
  • Communicate concepts or ideas through application of design processes to 3-dimensional forms

Originate and develop concepts

  • Evaluate and explore needs and opportunities
  • Develop a range of creative approaches
  • Refine concepts
  • Develop concepts to an operational level

Produce drawings to communicate ideas

  • Plan drawing work
  • Experiment to represent ideas
  • Create drawings

Provide interior styling service

  • Confirm services with client
  • Determine client style requirements
  • Develop style design
  • Create visual impact by styling a space

Explore the use of colour

  • Source information on colour and colour theory
  • Experiment with colour
  • Communicate concepts and ideas through use of colour

Decorate residential interiors

  • Analyse the project brief
  • Conduct research for the desi
  • Confirm the design brief
  • Generate decoration concepts
  • Translate concepts into 3D de
  • Revise and refine solution
  • Present decoration solution t
  • Reflect on decoration process

Research, analyse and apply colour for interior spaces

  • Assess colour requirements for the project
  • Research colour schemes for interior decoration
  • Explore colour schemes
  • Present colour scheme
  • Assess colour requirements for the project
  • Research colour schemes for interior decoration
  • Explore colour schemes
  • Present colour scheme

Source and specify decoration products

  • Assess client product need
  • Source and assess suitability of products
  • Specify products

Research and recommend furniture and accessories

  • Interpret decoration requirements from project brief
  • Research furniture
  • Research accessories
  • Make recommendations to client

Research and recommend soft furnishings for interiors

  • Assess soft furnishing requirements for the project
  • Research materials for soft furnishings
  • Research and recommend decorative treatments for windows and openings
  • Research and recommend soft floor coverings
  • Document and present decorative recommendations

Generate design solutions

  • Define the design challenge
  • Undertake research to inform the design solution
  • Communicate and collaborate with others
  • Generate ideas and responses to the design challenge
  • Select a design solution

Determine work health and safety (WHS) implications of interior effects

  • Identify principles of WHS
  • Assess WHS implications for interior decoration and design
  • Assess safety implications for customers
  • Assess risk
  • Apply risk control measures to decoration and design solutions

Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

  • Identify current resource use and environmental issues
  • Comply with environmental regulations
  • Seek opportunities to improve environmental practices and resource efficiency

Monitor and manage small business operations

  • Develop operational strategies and procedures
  • Implement operational strategies and procedures
  • Monitor business performance
  • Review business operations

Identify materials, construction techniques and methods used in building interiors

  • Establish structural components and materials used in residential buildings
  • Interpret plans and specifications
  • Specify the materials and methods involved in the refurbishment of wet areas​
  • Develop and maintain relevant and current reference material

Research and recommend hard materials and finishes for interiors

  • Identify hard material and finishing requirements for project
  • Identify types and features of hard materials and finishes
  • Research hard materials and finishes
  • Recommend hard materials and finishes

Prepare a materials board for client presentation

  • Identify presentation requirements from project brief
  • Prepare materials board
  • Prepare for client presentation

Use CAD applications to complete models and documentation for interior design projects

  • Determine project requirements
  • Use CAD applications to produce 3-D model and documentation
  • Edit drawing components
  • Render surfaces
  • Create 3-D views of the model
  • Plot and print for final presentations
  • Save and back up files

Produce perspective drawings, plans and elevations

  • Ensure client requirements are met.
  • Produce one-point perspective visuals from a given plan and elevation.
  • Produce two-point perspective visuals from a given plan and elevation.
  • Produce multi point perspective from given industry briefs.

Establish, negotiate and refine a design brief

  • Establish design requirements
  • Develop and refine design brief
  • Negotiate terms and conditions

Evaluate site for interior design brief

  • Prepare for site evaluation
  • Assess structural aspects of interior space
  • Assess materials used in interior space
  • Assess services
  • Conduct additional research to support site evaluation

Develop a decoration proposal for a complex site

  • Analyse the project brief
  • Conduct project research
  • Generate decorative themes and concepts
  • Select and specify internal finishes, furniture, furnishings, lighting and object d'art
  • Present a fully resolved scheme and evaluate client response

Prepare drawings for heritage works

  • Plan and prepare for drawing requirements.
  • Organise information for drawing preparation.
  • Draw or develop orthographic description.
  • Draw or develop sectional detailed drawings.
  • Develop detailed drawings of feature work.
  • Complete work.

Decorate interiors for restoration projects

  • Analyse the project brief
  • Conduct research on decoration requirements
  • Generate decoration solution
  • Prepare client presentation

Assess interior light and recommend light fittings

  • Interpret lighting requirements from project brief
  • Assess natural light sources
  • Assess artificial light sources
  • Select light fittings
  • Draw and present lighting layouts for an interior space

Present a body of own creative work

  • Evaluate and select presentation options
  • Plan presentation of work
  • Create presentation
  • Review and update presentation

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