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Diploma of Community Services Work

Provided by  Open Colleges

Course Overview

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Interested in the community services sector? Join this rewarding area by gaining a nationally recognised and accredited qualification.

Learn the following:

  • Skills in advocacy and case management
  • Develop knowledge on working with complex clients
  • Implement community development strategies
  • Learn how to support community leadership
  • Provide intervention strategies for clients with mental health and alcohol and other drug issues
  • Identify and respond to children and young people at risk.

This course also inclues Structured Workplace Learning. In undertaking the work placement in a community services environment, you get the practical experience of working with an approved supervsior to learn the real life skills neccesary.

For those that already have experence in the community services sector, you may be eligible to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in order to gain credit for your experience. Speak to an Open Colleges course and careers advisor to get further information.

This nationally recognised course is newly updated in response to the current needs of the community services sector and is offered by Open Colleges on behalf of Integrated Care and Management Training.​​

Course Quick Look

Awarded By:
Open Colleges
Study Mode:
Maximum 24 months
Nationally Recognised:


Manage and promote diversity

  • Research diversity in the workplace
  • Foster diversity
  • Adapt communication strategies
  • Contribute to workplace diversity policies and procedures

Develop workplace communication strategies

  • Develop communication strategies
  • Establish communication protocols
  • Promote the use of communication strategies
  • Review communication practices

Develop and implement service programs

  • Engage consumers in the analysis of service needs
  • Develop programs
  • Implement and monitor programs
  • Evaluate programs

Analyse impacts of sociological factors on clients in community work and services

  • Identify social and cultural issues impacting on clients in Australian society
  • Analyse impacts of social and cultural factors on clients
  • Monitor impact of social and cultural factors on community work and services provided to clients

Manage legal and ethical compliance

  • Research information required for legal compliance
  • Determine ethical responsibilities
  • Develop and communicate policies and procedures
  • Monitor compliance
  • Maintain knowledge of compliance requirements

Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes

  • Monitor welfare of colleagues
  • Conduct structured debriefings following an incident

Manage work health and safety

  • Establish work health and safety practices
  • Facilitate consultation, cooperation and communication
  • Monitor compliance with risk control processes
  • Evaluate and maintain WHS

Develop, facilitate and review all aspects of case management

  • Determine appropriate response to case management in accordance with organisation and legislative requirements
  • Conduct case management meetings
  • Develop an appropriate case management plan
  • Monitor and review case work activities and processes

Confirm client developmental status

  • Apply knowledge of human development to check client’s developmental status
  • Identify developmental issues
  • Check for and respond appropriately to specific issues

Provide first aid

  • Respond to an emergency situation
  • Apply appropriate first aid procedures
  • Communicate details of the incident
  • Evaluate the incident and own performance

Identify and respond to children and young people at risk

  • Implement work practices which support the protection of children and young people
  • Report indications of possible risk of harm
  • Apply ethical and nurturing practices in work with children and young people

Establish and confirm the counselling relationship

  • Use a structured approach to counselling
  • Establish the nature of the helping relationship
  • Confirm the helping relationship

Reflect on and improve own professional practice

  • Reflect on own practice
  • Enhance own practice
  • Facilitate ongoing professional development

Provide case management supervision

  • Develop and promote practice standards
  • Support and lead colleagues in case management practice
  • Provide practice advice on complex cases
  • Reflect and improve on own supervision provision

Manage budgets and financial plans

  • Plan financial management approaches
  • Implement financial management approaches
  • Monitor and control finances
  • Review and evaluate financial management processes

Undertake Project Work

  • Define project
  • Develop project plan
  • Administer and monitor project
  • Finalise project
  • Review project

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