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Diploma of Building and Construction

Provided by  Open Colleges

Course Overview

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Awarded By:
Open Colleges
Study Mode:
24 month
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Open Colleges may make changes to the course from time to time to reflect changes introduced to the relevant Training Package or other regulatory requirements. Please download the course guide for current information about the course and its status.

Note: Courses offered by Open Colleges on behalf of North Coast TAFE may include Units of Competency that are graded by TAFE NSW. Students studying through Open Colleges are not subject to TAFE NSW grading criteria, receiving an ungraded outcome for Units of Competency and Qualifications successfully completed.

Read and interpret plans and specifications

  • Identify types of drawings and their purposes.
  • Apply commonly used symbols and abbreviations.
  • Locate and identify key features on a site plan.
  • Identify and locate key features on drawings.
  • Correctly read and interpret specifications.
  • Identify non-structural aspects to the specification.

Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for low rise building projects

  • Access and interpret relevant code and standard requirements.
  • Classify buildings.
  • Analyse and apply a range of solutions to a construction problem for compliance with the BCA.
  • Apply fire protection requirements.

Apply structural principles to residential low rise constructions

  • Apply structural principles when planning the erection or demolition of a structure.
  • Analyse and plan for the structural integrity of Class1 and Class 10 buildings.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage the laying of footings.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage the laying of floor system.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage the building of structural and non-structural wall systems.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage the building of roof system.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage the external wall cladding of structure.

Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for medium rise building projects

  • Access and interpret relevant code and standard requirements.
  • Classify buildings.
  • Analyse and apply a range of solutions to a construction problem to ensure compliance with the BCA.
  • Apply fire protection requirements.

Apply structural principles to the construction of medium rise buildings

  • Apply structural principles to planning the erection or demolition of a structure.
  • Coordinate and manage site and job set-up assessment.
  • Coordinate and manage construction of footing systems.
  • Coordinate and manage structural elements of the construction process.

Identify services layout and connection methods to medium rise construction projects

  • Evaluate commonly used methods of water storage supply and layouts.
  • Evaluate methods of sewerage and drainage disposal and their layouts.
  • Assess commonly used methods for mechanical ventilation and air distribution and their layout.
  • Evaluate the range of hot water systems.
  • Evaluate effective natural lighting for a range of situations.
  • Ensure fire protection standards are met.
  • Outline the requirements for general electrical and electronic service installation.

Supervise and apply quality standards to the selection of building and construction materials

  • Identify and describe the properties of building materials.
  • Ensure suitable building materials are selected for application.
  • Supervise the acceptance, safe handling and storage of materials on site.
  • Supervise testing of materials on site for suitability and fitness for purpose.
  • Establish records of materials testing and report on testing process conformance or otherwise.

Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects

  • Read and interpret plans and specifications.
  • Identify and calculate labour costs.
  • Identify and establish physical resource requirements.
  • Develop estimated project costs.

Administer the legal obligations of a building or construction contractor

  • Comply with the laws relating to establishing and licensing a building or construction contractor.
  • Engage personnel for the project.
  • Administer the regulations relating to OHS, welfare, workers' compensation, noise abatement and working hours.
  • Implement rehabilitation arrangements for employees returning to work.
  • Comply with taxation and insurance requirements of federal, state and territory legislation.
  • Administer all obligations in a conscientious manner and observe fair trading practice.
  • Comply with environmental legislation and its intent.

Prepare and evaluate tender documentation

  • Evaluate contract risk.
  • Prepare tender documentation.
  • Identify and attach appropriate supporting documentation.
  • Evaluate completed tender documentation.
  • Obtain tender approval or endorsement.

Select and prepare a construction contract

  • Identify and analyse the essential elements, sections and clauses of a business contract.
  • Select an appropriate contract for the works to be undertaken.
  • Prepare the contract.

Manage project quality

  • Determine quality requirements
  • Implement quality assurance processes
  • Implement project quality improvements

Apply principles of OHS risk management

  • Access sources of information and data to identify hazards
  • Analyse the work environment to identify hazards
  • Assess risk associated with hazards
  • Control risk associated with hazards
  • Maintain hazard identification and risk control processes
  • Monitor and review risk management processes

Manage project risk

  • Determine project risks
  • Monitor and control project risks
  • Assess risk management outcomes

Select and manage building and construction contractors

  • Manage the determination of subcontractor requirements.
  • Manage the review of subcontractor performance.
  • Establish terms and conditions for subcontractor engagement.
  • Manage the selection and engagement of subcontractors.
  • Evaluate subcontractor performance and compliance with contract requirements.

Monitor costing systems on medium rise building and construction projects

  • Supervise the identification and classification of project costs.
  • Manage the preparation of a schedule of project expenditure.
  • Prepare curves showing projected cash flow and payments.
  • Maintain continuous checks on expenditure and evaluate outcomes.
  • Prepare final cost report.

Supervise the planning of on-site medium rise building or construction work

  • Appraise the contractual documentation and delegate the planning of operational requirements as necessary.
  • Initiate strategies and delegate the implementation of medium rise construction operations, as necessary.
  • Supervise the preparation of project schedules.
  • Ensure the provision of all resources required for project.
  • Review existing on-site buildings or structures.
  • Supervise staff and maintain an effective work environment.

Manage construction work

  • Establish site communication processes.
  • Establish and review OHS, welfare and risk management procedures.
  • Manage supply of materials and installation of equipment.
  • Manage on-site operations.
  • Manage the processing of progress claims and payments.

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